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The Stealth is a fully electric four wheeler designed to provide the ultimate nature experience. Listen to the sounds around you as you traverse through the terrain instead of the roar of an engine.



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The DRR Stealth E-ATV boasts a Digital Dashboard that provides essential information at a glance. Indicators include an odometer, speedometer, and battery charge icon.

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As an electric four wheeler, the Stealth delivers. This unit features five setting pre-load adjustable shocks, a dual a-arm suspension, four disc-brakes with custom wave rotors and more.

DRR Stealth Electric ATV Digital Dashboard smaller size.jpg


The Stealth is an electric ATV built to withstand the tough jobs. This electric quad is capable of towing 450 lbs on varying terrain. With a smooth chassis and 12” of ground clearance the Stealth Electric ATV can move over rough terrain.