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It all started when…

At DRR, the things we care most about are family, environment, and providing the best product we possibly can for our customers.

The owner of DRR USA originally founded the company after experiencing an ATV accident involving her youngest son due to the ATV not having proper safety features. To solve the safety issues she decided to develop an ATV she thought would help protect her family while they enjoyed their favorite hobby. The result was a wider ATV, with slip-resistant seats, a safety tether, brake lights, daytime running lights, and fully enclosed floorboards. 

That vision took off and ultimately created DRR USA, a small business headquartered in Brunswick, Ohio. For nearly twenty years, DRR has provided safe ATVs to kids all over the United States. Our customers have over 99 National Championships under their belts in TT, motocross, flat-track, and cross-country racing. While DRR is proud of its history, we are branching out into new territory with the electric ATV while still offering family adventure, lifetime memories, and passion for the outdoors.