Adventure Parks and Businesses

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Venture Offroad

Durable and reliable, the DRR Stealth Electric ATV can handle constant or intermittent work making it ideal for both maintenance and adventure. Tour the grounds, or venture offroad and enjoy nature due to the ATV’s silent motor. Join the future, and stay eco-friendly with a vehicle that produces no carbon emissions.


  • Covered under warranty for the first 45 days

  • $49 USD a session after warranty expires

  • Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm

  • By appointment only

ATV Tours and Adventure Parks

Be one of the first to switch to an alternative, environmentally friendly vehicle. Market your innovative new eco-friendly status to your customers. Enjoy wildlife and the sounds of nature with the 4kw silent motor. Travel up to 35 miles on a single battery pack or swap it out using the ATVs battery lift and extend your trip. With two sets of footpegs, the Stealth is capable of carrying two passengers.

Farms and WINERies

Protect your crops from carbon emissions and host events without disturbing your guests. The DRR Stealth is a fully electric ATV with a load capacity of 670 lbs. Accomplish farm work with our specially designed tow hitch that won’t damage your ATV if you go over the limit.


Mount cargo boxes on the racks of this adult electric four wheeler and carry the tools you need to maintain your property. Charge an extra battery separate while your employees get the job done and never have down time. With intermittent work, the Stealth’s computer controlled battery pack can last between four and eight hours.

Use the Stealth Electric ATV to maintain any business. With no shifting, and an easy to use thumb throttle the ATV is easily operated. Leave the ATV running while communicating with others. Keep your grounds clean without disturbing the golfers’ game.

Maintenance and Golf Courses

Become eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Proudly display your new status to your visitors while protecting them and the animals from emissions. Avoid scaring animals with noisy vehicles while preforming your every day tasks.

Themeparks and Zoos

Ride through the woods without disrupting nature with the silent engine. Keep the environment crucial to your hobby safe. The smooth chassis of the this adult electric 4x4 allows the unit to glide over debris. Utilize the racks on the front and back of the ATV for your equipment.

Hunting Clubs

If you are a business, you may qualify for the Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit.