Q: Who is DRR USA?

DRR USA has been around for nearly twenty years. We started making Mini racing ATVs for children. Since then over 99 national championships have been won on our reliable units in TT, Motocross, Flat Track, and Cross Country.

Q: Where can I get the DRR Stealth Electric ATV?

A: The Stealth Electric ATV is available to order now and will be shipped to you from a DRR Authorized Dealer!

Q: What color does the ATV come in?

A: The only plastic we’re offering is black, however ask about graphics packages.

Q: How long does the battery charge last?

A: That depends on how you’re using your quad! 35-39 miles full speed/full tilt or up to 6-8 hrs if you’re using it intermittently.

Q: How fast does it go?

A: At the moment, the speed is capped at 35 mph.

Q: How do you charge the battery?

A: By plugging the ATV’s charger into any 3-prong outlet. It should have it’s own dedicated breaker with 20 amps of power. The batteries can be charged individually as well.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. We offer a warranty on all our machines. Go HERE to read the warranty.

Q: Is the extra battery pack included?

A: You receive one battery with your ATV. The extra battery is an add on feature. You can purchase an extra battery pack with your ATV.

Q: Is this made in the U.S.?

A: We’re working towards it! Parts are made in the U.S.A, Taiwan, and Japan. It is assembled in the U.S. right here in Brunswick, Ohio.

Q: How much can it tow?

A: This electric quad has a load capacity of 670 lbs.


A: A hitch is in development and will soon be available as an add-on feature. Ask us when ordering your unit.

Q: Is financing available?

Yes! Ask us about our financing options when getting your quote. Or get an estimate.