Q: Where can I get the DRR Stealth Electric ATV?

A: The Stealth Electric ATV is available to order now and will be shipped to you from a DRR Authorized Dealer! The next shipment will be here in 60 days or less.

Q: What color does the ATV come in?

A: The only plastic we’re offering is black, however there are some great graphics companies out there that’ll put whatever design you want on the ATV for a little extra. Just visit the sites below:


Q: How long does the battery charge last?

A: That depends on how you’re using your quad! 35-39 miles full speed/full tilt or up to 8hrs if you’re using it intermittently.

Q: How fast does it go?

A: At the moment, the speed is capped at 35mph.

Q: How do you charge the battery?

A: By plugging the ATV’s charger into any 3-prong outlet. It should have it’s own dedicated breaker with 20 amps of power.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. We offer a warranty on all our machines. Go HERE to read the warranty.

Q: Is the extra battery pack included?

A: No. The extra battery is an add on feature. You can purchase an extra battery pack with your ATV.

Q: Is this made in the U.S.?

A: We’re working towards it! Parts are made in the U.S.A, Taiwan, and Japan. It is assembled in the U.S. right here in Brunswick, Ohio.

Q: How much can it tow?

A: This electric quad can tow up to 450lbs with a 220lbs rider on uneven terrain.


A: A hitch is in development and will soon be available as an add-on feature. Ask us when ordering your unit.

Q: Is financing available?

Yes! Ask us about our financing options when getting your quote. Or get an estimate.